ProMark Apex Locator

At Empress Walk Dental, we love to stay on top of the latest technology the dental world has to offer. One exciting development we have introduced is the ProMark Apex Locator, which is used to figure out the length of a root canal space. The apex of a tooth’s root has a particular, measurable resistance to electrical current, and this device allows your dentist to measure this distance in a simple, painless, and accurate way in order to complete the procedure with efficiency. Electronic apex locators such as the ProMark Apex Locator are far more accurate than radiography for this purpose, and the precise measurements this instrument provides are incredibly useful for your dentist during the root canal treatment process. We are proud to be at the forefront of adopting the latest and greatest in dental technologies, which benefit both our dentists and our patients.

ProMark Apex Locator
The ProMark Apex Locator is a reliable and modern design that adapts to the humidity in the canal and instantaneously adapts to conditions (dry or wet).This helps us accurately measure your root canal and ensure proper treatment. Some key features of this device:

  • Frequencies across multiple bands, high accuracy and repeatable results
  • Autonomous calibration
  • Apical zoom, views of the full canal
  • Apical indication line and audio cues
  • Portable design for easy use by dentist and minimal intrusion to patients
  • Demonstration as well as check mode
  • Intuitive operation through color touch screen

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