When performing restorative dental work, one of the biggest challenges faced by a dentist is making sure that all of the restorations match the coloring of the patient’s natural teeth. If the shades of the patient’s natural teeth don’t match the restorative work, the patient is often unsatisfied because others can tell that they have had dental work done.

The process of identifying and communicating the shades of a patient’s teeth may seem simple, but it is actually quite complex. Even when the dentist has a tooth shade guide, which can be held up next to the patient’s teeth in order to find the best fit, it can still be difficult to describe the exact shade to a dental laboratory or to a CAD/CAM technician. There are a couple of major sources of difficulty. One of them is the function of the human eye, which sees color differently in different lighting conditions. A tooth shade may look one way in the dentist’s office and another way entirely in bright natural sunlight, in the dental laboratory, etc. Another factor that influences shade identification is the presence of other colors in the environment. When a tooth is held up to a painted wall, for example, the color of the wall can make a difference in terms of how the shade appears. The same goes for the patient’s hair color, lipstick, clothing, and so on.

At Empress Walk Dental, we recognize these difficulties and make every effort to employ technology that helps our dentists perform their best work. We use the VITA Easyshade spectrophotometer to aid our dentists in objectively pinpointing tooth shade and to create ceramic dental restorations that perfectly match the patient’s natural teeth in conjunction with our CAD/CAM system.

The VITA Easyshade
The current VITA Easyshade is in its 5th generation. It does more than act as a spectrophotometer for determining shade of tooth color. In fact, it a system with multiple functions that supports dentists, technicians and hygienists from determining tooth shade, to helping reproduce tooth shade for finished dental restoration work. This is done using new and advanced software.

Empress Walk Dental use only the best tools. The VITA Easyshade V lets us accurately determine your tooth color and shade, and then reproduce it flawlessly for purposes of tooth whitening/bleaching, choice of CAD/CAM and filling materials, as well as development of esthetic modifications with veneers.

This state of the art machine is equipped with innovative new software, modern dental sensors, ability to obtain precise measurements through the neural network VITA yBrain, calculation of shades according to the American Dental Association and more.

Summary of features of the VITA Easyshade:

  • Colored LED display with easy to use touch screen
  • Immediately quantity and check VITA classical A1-D4 and VITA 3D-MASTER shades with one button touch
  • Confirm fabricated restorations as promptly; even after early firing and receive tips on optimizing tooth shade
  • Enhanced communication between lab and doctor using Bluetooth interface and VITA Assist software

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