Dental Exams

The dental exam is a routine but critical process where your dentist and hygienist at Empress Walk Dental conduct a complete dental examination. The dentist will be quite involved especially in the initial exam.

Here are some of the important factors that need to be checked and solved for:

  • Overall oral health and quality of teeth
  • Examine for signs of tooth decay or root decay
  • Check for symptoms of gum disease or bone disease
  • Evaluate any required need for tooth restoration or replacement
  • Check for deposits and stains on teeth
  • Check for the right level of fluoride in your teeth
  • Conduct a dental x-ray, also known as a radiograph
  • Examine for any signs of cancer in the mouth, tongue, roots, face and neck

At Empress Walk Dental, we believe in a methodical but also personalized approach based on patient preferences. Your dentist and hygienist will also give you advice to improve your oral and overall health. This is especially relevant for lifestyle choices such as the consumption of tobacco.

We also ensure that any prosthetic replacements are checked. If you have braces, dentures, bridges, etc. we will ensure that they fit correctly and that adjustments are discussed.

Dental Cleaning

A professional dental cleaning is needed at least twice each year to improve patient’s dental health. The Canadian Dental Association recommends that dental exams and cleaning are carried out at least once every six months. Naturally frequency required depends on person to person.

A dental cleaning is a prevention method that keeps your oral health in check. Key actions include:

  • Removing plaque from your teeth and taking care of tartar buildup
  • Remove stains
  • Apply fluoride to your teeth
  • Polish teeth, including fittings and crowns
  • Clean and adjust any dentures
  • Sealants (usually for children)

Removing plaque is critical for preventing gingivitis and gum disease. Plaque incurs bacteria and other harmful elements in your mouth. Between cleanings it is advised to brush regularly as well as flossing thoroughly.

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