Recovering after Root Canal therapy

Once you have undergone a Root Canal procedure, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Tenderness is expected after root canal therapy, which means chewing may cause some discomfort. This is quite normal and will subside over time. When root canals are cleaned, it results in inflammation around the affected tooth. This is a typical cause for the discomfort; it is common and can take from a day to several days to subside. If there was pain prior to the root canal treatment, it may take a little while for things to feel normal.

Avoid biting or using the tooth to chew if there is soreness after the treatment. If you are fortunate to not feel any soreness, please avoid foods that are sticky (jelly beans, caramel, toffee, gum, etc) as they can affect the filling we have put in. It could in fact cause it to become loose or fall off. In this event, contact us immediately.

If the area had been infected or there was lots of swelling before you had root canal therapy, the tenderness will last much more than average as the area heals. If the swelling does not subside after some days, please contact us.
The whole idea around root canal therapy is to take out the nerve or the pulp from inside the tooth. If the procedure has not been completed, it means unhealthy tissue is left inside the tooth without the root end being sealed. If a root canal procedure isn’t carried out, this will spread to the gums and bone in the region, causing acute pain as well as swelling.

A side effect can be vulnerability to cracks in the tooth. To stop the tooth from breakage, it’s suggested that a crown be put on the tooth.

It is important to have any treated teeth evaluated regularly so that healing is monitored and assessed. Contact us if you have any questions regarding root canal therapy.

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