Recovering from a Tooth Extraction procedure

Tooth extractions are not fun, the process can be taxing, so we recommend a reduction in activity for a day or two.

Caring for the wound:
avoid any disturbance to the wound; rinsing your mouth, spitting and/or sucking using a straw on surgery day. Also, please avoid any smoke for at least 2 consecutive days. All of the aforementioned activities cause complication with healing.

Dealing with pain
Some pain (high or low in intensity) is always expected after tooth extraction or surgery in the mouth. Take the medication that has been prescribed by the dentist. Extreme or amplified pain after day 3 from surgery is not usual or normal. Contact us if this happens, you will likely need examination.

Tooth extraction means that there will be some bleeding to be expected up to a day or so after the procedure. Usually a sterile, small gauze compress is put on the wound after the procedure. It is recommended to keep up pressure through biting for at least 20/30 minutes. If heavy bleeding, or prolonged oozing occurs:

  • Carefully wipe off any excessive blood
  • Put on a clean, sterile gauze on the area that is bleeding and keep up a steady pressure after biting for 30 minutes. If this does not help, repeat with fresh gauze soaked with a strong tea solution. Alternatively, you can bite on a moist teabag for another thirty minutes
  • Stay quiet, in an upright sitting position, use an ice pack and avoid spitting

Dealing with swelling: to reduce swelling, we recommend to apply ice pack to face 20 minutes on and off. This means apply ice pack for 20 minutes, remove and rest for 20 minutes and then reapply. Repeat through the day as required.

Soothe with Mouth Rinses: Use warm saline water (half teaspoon of salt in 250ml of water) after having meals. Within 24 hours after surgery, you should do this every 2 hours.

Bruising: Discoloration or bruising is a normal occurrence when healing and can stay for up to a few weeks.

What to eat and diet: Avoid soda, eat nutritious soft foods and have plenty of fluids.

Oral hygiene: You can resume brushing after a day (24 hrs) from surgery. The area will be sore so you cannot brush hard, and it’s not necessary to. However it is recommended to keep things clean.

If anything feels abnormal; i.e. severe pain, heavy bleeding – please do contact us!

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