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Calamus 3D Obturation System

Calamus 3D Obturation System

A very critical step in the root canal treatment process involves getting rid of irritants that hide in the root canal space. Examples of irritants include bacteria, bacterial toxins, and protein degradation products. These irritants are very dangerous when left in the root canals. They pose serious health risks and therefore need to be properly eliminated by cleaning, shaping and sterilizing the root canal. This is part of your treatment when you visit our dental clinic for a root canal.

Though it may seem easy, getting rid of these irritants can be difficult due to the poor visibility inside the mouth and the root canal area. If the dentist applies the filling without getting rid of these irritants completely, the area can get infected and begin to decay all over again. To avoid this, our dentists use a modern technique known as three-dimensional filling.

What is three-dimensional filling?

Root canal treatments can be difficult to accomplish without the proper systems. Dentists are faced with the same challenges they get when filling any sort of dental cavity. The root canal space can be different from one root to another. What makes the process even more difficult is that the filling needs to be put in all areas even the ones beyond the dentist's vision. Proper precision is key to ensuring the filling gets to the depth inside the apical foramen and the foramina.

The dentist will be required to extend the limits of the cavity very carefully making sure all the irritants are removed so that the filling can be put in properly. Any cavities that were created when cleaning or shaping the root canal need to be free of any debris.

Previously, dental radiographs were taken to show the shape of the canal. However, these radiographs were often misleading and could lead to issues when putting in the filling. To resolve these challenges, the 3D obturation techniques were developed. These techniques enable vertical and horizontal filling of the root canals.

Calamus 3D Obturation System

Calamus Dual 3D Obturation

Our dental office has invested in the Calamus Dual 3D Obturation system which helps us to achieve the best results for our patients. This system has an ergonomic design which helps our dentists to conduct the root canal process smoothly and efficiently. It helps to get the procedure done in less time and improve the quality of care we provide our patients. This system has a flawless design and smooth finish with a slender handpiece for easy manipulation. This is yet another great addition at our dental office which enables us to benefit our patients most.

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Best dental visit ever! Dr Golabchifar was very attentive and caring , explained everything in a professional way. It was a fantastic appointment. I Will definitely refer others.

Brian R.

I have been coming here for all my dental needs for many years and can say that the staff and Dr. Golabchi Far are great. Dr. Golabchi far is always very accommodating and a great dentist, very professional and very fair on pricing.

Yining W.

Dr. Golabchi insisted on perfection and thanks to his dedication the end result is satisfactory. I am thankful the doctor showed attention and care to my needs and tried hard to accommodate my sensitivity to pain.

Al B.

The front desk staff and everyone are always very welcoming and friendly. They are also great with our daughter, who gets a doll toy when she leaves which makes it fun. We always leave with a smile!

Emad B.

Excellent in every way. Dr. Golabchifar is the best dentist I have ever met with professional excellence and skills. The staff is incredibly friendly and the clinic is so clean.

Adam R.

The office very inviting and has a calm, relaxing atmosphere. The staff were very sweet and professional as well! Best dental office and staff!

Ali T.

My experience with Empress Walk Dental was absolutely amazing.They were knowledgeable, professional who provided excellent dental services in a very comfortable and caring environment.

Rebecca E.

Dr. Far is an excellent dentist if not the best in North York. Equipped with his latest , modern and up to date dental gadgets makes his work leveled to perfection.

Ellie R.

I would highly recommend Dr. Golabchi far and his staff! He is very knowledgable and experienced dentist and does an amazing job with all procedures

Donya M.

Dr. Golabchifar is indeed a very experienced dentist. I highly recommend him and his team for any dental work specifically orthodontics.

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